What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is a means to increase the amount of traffic to your website by modifying both internal and
external aspects of the site. Search engines such as Google use algorithms; a sort of check list, no one knows the exact boxes to click to insure instant success on them.

However, through research and development we have discovered key elements that aid the process and get you on the front of all search engines.

How do search engines work?

Search engines use coded algorithms which are called crawlers, spiders and robots. These spiders use web hyperlinks as a sort of internet highway and travel from one site to the next through their hyperlinks.

They crawl through the code of sites and send back their findings to their datacenter. Google’s “FreshBot” visits websites everyday in order to keep the index fresh. How often this is done varies wildly, is often speculated, and varies from site to site.

How can I use SEO on my website?

This is achieved by carefully editing the code and content as well as ensuring proper names for links and tags. Keywords; using rich visible text within the page content, title tags, description tags, the number of links on your site, the number of links to your site through other valid sites, the keyword density of a particular section of text.

The above techniques are referred to as white hat technique; following the guidelines of search engines. Black hat techniques are using hidden text within the code to repeat keywords. This technique may work in the short term but once the spiders realise this they retrieve the information and the search engine shall ban you from their services. This is why following the guidelines is important.

What can I expect if I opt for SEO?

You can expect higher traffic than you have previously experienced. Not instantly as SEO is a slow process but with Pigs Fly Mediawe will ensure that the chances of your website being on the front page of all search engines to be extremely high. It may take up to six months to see your website on the front page if you have a lot of competition but we at Pigs Fly Media will ensure that we will do our best for your site to be successful, available and professional.

We can also provide guidance on pay per click advertising and its benefits. Our team has extensive Google Adwords experience and can work with you to develop the right promotional strategy for your business.