When a company makes the decision to trade using e-commerce, the solution they choose must be in line with available financial and personnel resources to fulfill, and must be secure, robust, trust-worthy. At Pigs Fly Media we have developed a range of tiered e-commerce solutions for our clients, ensuring that the level of transaction and business integration is appropriate to a wide variety of business needs.

We can help you to improve your online sales and margins online by:

  • Promoting the product offering
  • Simplifying the purchasing process
  • Increasing average transaction values
  • Improving repeat business
  • Streamlining your internal processes
  • Multiple product real-time transactions with inventory management
  • Multiple product real time transactions
  • Multiple product secure email order
  • Multiple product email enquiry
  • Single product email enquiry

We have a range of e-commerce solutions, that we can implement to match the needs of your business and the volume of trade which you are planning to transact online.